Changing Up Dinners One Hungry Harvest Box at a Time

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By Amy Ghiglieri, Publisher, Macaroni KID Frederick February 19, 2022

Ever have one of those nights where you find yourself thinking, “Ugh. I’m so over all of the meals in my usual rotation?” You have all the ingredients on-hand, but you’re just so bored with all the regular meals. This is where I was a few weeks ago. The standard meals just weren’t cutting it and I was at a loss as to what to try instead. I knew I wanted dinner that night to be healthy, but different than what we had grown used to. In frustration, I gave up and we ended up eating cereal that night. Everyone was left hungry and unsatisfied.

Hungry Harvest provided me with compensation and a box of product to facilitate this review. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

The next day when Hungry Harvest reached out asking publishers to try their harvest boxes and marketplace, I jumped at the chance, and I’m so glad I did. Hungry Harvest was just the push I needed to change up our dinners without the extra work of coming up with new ideas.

First things first… What is Hungry Harvest?

Hungry Harvest delivers sustainable feel-good, do-good grocery that's good for you and the planet. Ever wonder what happens when there is a surplus of produce, or are you curious about where the funky looking, but perfectly edible carrots go? Truthfully, I never gave it a second thought until learning about Hungry Harvest. I was shocked to discover twenty percent of perfectly edible produce goes to waste.

This is where Hungry Harvest comes in. Hungry Harvest helps to build a waste-free future by rescuing produce that is delicious tasting, but will not be sold in the stores. The rescued farm fresh produce is delivered straight to your door either weekly or every other week. They even have a variety of non-produce marketplace items you can add to your box, such as such as snacks, eggs, coffee, plant-proteins, bread, soups and more. 

What’s so amazing about Hungry Harvest?

  1. Variety is the spice of life. We broke out of our meal routine rut by experimenting with produce I normally wouldn’t purchase. Why? Simply because I’d be at a loss as to how to prepare it. Luckily, now I can head to Hungry Harvest and look for a recipe using the items in my box each week. So easy. 

  2. Meals go from ordinary to extraordinary. Even just adding in a few types of different (than our norm) roasted veggies to our meals really excited our taste buds.
  3. Complete meal in a box. As I mentioned, Hungry Harvest offers a marketplace where you can select from non-produce add-on items to arrive with your harvest box. For our latest delivery I added on chickpea pasta, tofu, and parmesan cheese with the goal to use a variety of the produce for a two-dish meal. I roasted the tofu and veggies in one pan in the oven, boiled the pasta in a large pot, and then tossed everything together in the pot once the pasta was done. An easy dinner that my family loved!

  4. Powered by plants. Naturally, more plant-based products and produce in our house means more healthy, hearty, plant-powered fuel for the people I love the most. Now that's something to feel good about!

  5. Who doesn’t love a surprise? Each week my family loves seeing what’s waiting for us in our harvest boxes. It’s always going to be something new or something we love because with Hungry Harvest you can create a ‘Never Send’ list. For example, beets are not welcome on our property and Hungry Harvest knows this. Their goal is to avoid food waste and they know one of the main ways to do that is to skip sending their customers fruits and veggies they won’t eat. 
  6. Good for the planet. Every delivery helps build a healthier future for the planet by fighting food waste and conserving all the precious resources used to grow that food.

Deal alert!

Ready to see for yourself how you can break out of your meal routine rut... and fight food waste at the same time? 
Simply head to Hungry Harvest to get started. Boxes start at $15 and are available in a variety of sizes packed full of organic and non-organic (your choice) produce. New customers save 50% off their first Harvest. Visit and use code MOMBLOG at checkout. Offer valid for one-time use, new customers only. Expires 1/20/2023.

Don’t forget to check out The Marketplace for some fantastic add-on items to complete your meal, or even as a treat for you (hint: there might be chocolate available at times). You’re going to love your Hungry Harvest boxes just as much as I do!