Brown Paper Bag Turkey Book

By Megan Belegu - Toms River Macaroni Kid November 11, 2021

Here's a fun twist on a Brown Paper Bag Book - Grab your little Turkey and the following supplies! 

Supplies needed:
3 Brown Paper Bags (lunch size)
Multi Colored Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaner
Glue or Tape
Hole Puncher
Pen or Pencil

What you do:


1. Fold each bag in half and place one on top of the other, essentially making a book.

 2. Using a hole punch, punch two holes through all three bags and loop the pipe cleaner through the holes, then fasten.


3. Using construction paper, cut out shapes to build the face, then glue them to the cover of the book.

4. Cut out feathers from the construction paper and glue or tape them to the back cover of the book. This does not have to look presentable since you'll be covering it in the next step.

5. Cut a piece of any colored construction paper to the size of the back cover and tape or glue it down to cover the feathers.

 6. (Optional) You can also cut and tape/glue construction paper to the inside pages of the book to give it more color.

That's it! Your little Turkey can do whatever they'd like with the book - draw pictures, make a story ... whatever their imagination leads them to!