Note from Amy ~ Night Before Christmas

December 17, 2020

Ladies and gents, I am here to wish you a very merry Christmas, a very happy Hanukkah, and the happiest of holidays to those who celebrate either, both, or even neither!

This season has been full of rollercoaster-worthy highs and lows, and as Christmas day draws nearer, our house gets a little crazier.

Next week, I will be taking the week off (oh, and the next one, too!) to spend with my family. The good news? We still have the calendar packed with events to keep your family busy and ideas for ways to celebrate the holiday season.

I hope you have the most perfect hot-chocolate-by-the-fire-and-well-behaved-kids-singing-carols holiday ever!

But, on the very off chance that yours doesn't go juuuust like that, then feel free to join me in knocking back a drink or two and enjoy this holiday classic. This one makes me LOL for real.

Happy holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy everything!