Seeking Local Business Partners for Jingle Buckets

We can't wait to spread this wave of holiday cheer across the whole community!

By Holly Christy, Publisher November 20, 2020

Local Businesses: Are you familiar with the "boo baskets" that some neighborhoods do in the weeks leading up to Halloween? The idea is you fill a basket with festive treats and leave it on the doorstep of a family in your neighborhood. Nobody knows who "boo-ed" who, but each basket includes two notes - one explaining that you should pay it forward and leave a basket for someone else, and the other note is to post in your front window to show that you've already been "boo-ed." 

We're going to put a Christmas twist on this idea and get Jingle Buckets going out in neighborhoods across the WHOLE community. Not only will our sponsors be part of every article and every social media post we create promoting it, but they'll also have their logo and business info on all the graphics and notes included in the buckets, and printed on the cute little buckets themselves. So as this wave of Christmas cheer rolls out across our whole area, the sponsors' info will find its way literally into the hands of tons of local families. 

Can we count you in for a $300 sponsorship? Just email and let us know you're in!