Note From Amy: Just for... Right Now

By Amy Ghiglieri, Publisher, Macaroni Kid Frederick November 9, 2020

Like most parents, the topic of virtual school has been discussed in my circle of friends on repeat. Will it end this year? Will we be back to normal at the start of the (gulp) 2021-2022 school year? Is virtual school hurting our kids? Is virtual school benefiting our kids because they have more family time at home? I have no answers.

This week though, my family jumped off the train of trying to predict what the future holds for public schooling and focus on the right now. If there ever was a time to give up on plans and expectations, it's definitely 2020. I just submitted the paperwork to homeschool my first grader.

If I'm being honest, I'm trying to get excited. I know we're making the right decision, but dang friends, it doesn't feel good. I like decisions to feel good. This one just feels like the lesser of two evils for his situation. My fifth grader will be staying with virtual public school because that is what is best for her... right now.

I'm a control freak and this whole pandemic is out of my hands. I don't like it one bit. Here's what I can control though. I can control how I handle the current situation and make the best calls for my family based on what I know right now. Not what I think I know about how life will look in three months, but what I know right now. Right now, my boy needs a change. Will it be hard on me to work, homeschool and have my pre-k son running around? You bet. But I'm determined to enjoy the time knowing it's just for right now.

Homeschool mamas... send me all your tips. I'm going to need them!