Battleground Lounge: The No-Stress Party Solution

By Ashley Fisher February 20, 2020

Winter birthday parties can be tough. Too cold to be held outside, parents often resort to hosting in their own homes where the excitement, energy, and craziness that naturally spawns from birthday joy spills over...right into the house. Trust me; I know. I’ve hosted kid birthday parties in my home several times. There is so much cleaning and preparation to ensure a fun experience only to have the house left a complete disaster a mere 2 hours later. We work so hard to come up with games and activities to entertain. It is exhausting and stressful, to say the least 

This year, we decided to do something different. We recently held a birthday party for my video-game loving son at Battleground Lounge in the TownMall of Westminster. Battleground Lounge is a social gaming lounge focused on uniting players of all ages. The party package we selected included 2 hours of game time, the use of their tables and chairs for eating, a choice of gaming systems, dedicated gaming stations to the party guests, and also Battleground staff to run the party. The open food policy allowed us to purchase our own pizza, drinks, and cake and bring it with us to the party.  This was great for us since my son is particular about which kind of pizza he will eat.

When we walked into Battleground Lounge, we were greeted warmly by the staff. Although I was there a bit early to set-up, the tables were all ready to go and all I had to do was throw on some disposable table cloths and set out some plates. I put one Xbox controller shaped helium balloon on the table. Seriously. That is all I had to do. There was no need for decorations. The large space was lined with comfortable gaming chairs and bean bags and endless screens lit up with games from various consoles. The glow from the arcade games in the back reflected in my newly nine year old son’s eyes. The vibe of the space was very cool, especially to my kids. 

As friends began to arrive, the staff at Battleground ensured that each one of them was set-up at a station with a game that they wanted to play. The kids were all delighted with the myriad options. They played side-by-side and in big groups together - playing Super Smash Brothers, Cuphead, PacMan, Legends of Zelda, Fortnite, and more. In the larger group gaming situations, I was extremely impressed at how the staff anticipated potential issues and encouraged the kids to include one another and take turns. There were no quarrels among the kids - only laughter. 

The space also features several arcade games, a pool table, and air hockey. The air hockey table was occupied by some members of the party at all times - a definite crowd favorite. 

When it was time for pizza and cake, the kids settled into their seats and the staff ensured that everyone was comfortable and had a chair. We had complete flexibility as to when we wanted to take a break for the food and we never felt rushed. 

As I looked at my son’s face hovering above the nine candles on his cake, I could see the joy. It was the coolest party and it was all for him.

And you know what else...? I came home to a clean house. 

Best party ever. 

If you are looking for a great party option for your child (or yourself!), I cannot recommend Battleground Lounge highly enough.

To learn more about Battleground Lounge and their party packages, click here.

I received a party package in exchange for this article. As always, opinions are 100% my own.