3 Summertime Tips to Keep Your Smile Bright

From the Experts at Mt. Airy Children's Dental Associates

May 30, 2021

Summer vacation is right around the corner! It's time to sleep in, and take a break from the daily grind of schedules that you follow all school year long. Maybe you already have a family vacation scheduled or a trip to visit the grandparents planned. Wherever you are going, whatever you are planning, be sure to pack the toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss.

Vacation is the time for fun and treats, but be sure to maintain your brushing and flossing schedule. Set a timer if it will help you remember your brushing routine. Keep up with healthy eating as much as possible. It's easy to slack off when on vacation, but you don't want bad habits to develop that will follow you into the fall and beyond.

Drinking lots of water will help. It not only keeps you hydrated, it helps to keep plaque and bacteria from sticking to the teeth. Try to limit the number of sugary drinks that you consume. They may taste great, but they do not quench your thirst, and they help to feed bacteria in the mouth that in turn produce acid. This acid is what causes tooth decay. Choose water instead! Pack bottled water if you are unsure if the water is safe where you are visiting,

If you have a summer check-up scheduled, be sure to keep it! It doesn't take long, and it ensures that your teeth and gums remain healthy instead of allowing plaque to continue to build on the teeth. Besides, you will look great in those summer photos!

Following these easy tips will ensure that you return to your fall routine with a bright smile and an easy next checkup, as well as some great summer memories!

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